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Audition for She Kills Monsters!

Audition for our February show, She Kills Monsters! Click the button below for more information!

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Weekly Meetings

All weekly meetings and workshops are open to all CMU students, regardless of experience or background! We're always welcoming new members at any point during the year.

Board of Directors Weekly Meetings

Open to all! Witness the administrative side of Scotch'n'Soda and hear about all the org's goings-on.

Sundays @ 4:30pm
CUC 303

Tisbert Sketch Comedy

Student College (StuCo) Meetings
Course Number: 98-003
Wednesdays @ 6:30–8:20pm
WH 5310

Writing Meetings
Sundays @ 2:30–4pm
BH 255B

No Parking Players Improv Comedy

StuCo Workshops
Course Number: 98-128
Wednesdays @ 8–10pm

Sunday Shop
Sundays @ 8–10pm

New Works Coffeehouse

New Works provides an opportunity for students to have their original work produced. Working on something you want to see realized on stage? Contact Maxine Ewing, Production Coordinator, at

Writing Meetings
Saturdays biweekly. Join the dlist to keep up-to-date!